Foldable OLED display mobile phone concept

Today at the FPD International Show in Yokohama, Samsung revealed a very interesting concept mobile phone. The standard looking phone, opens like a book to reveal a large colour display, using it’s AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED). Unfortunately this is still a concept, so no details on price or release date for availability.

Could this be the future of eBooks? I think so… I cannot help but be reminded of the Readius by Polymer Vision, while that device uses a 5″ flexible greyscale e-Ink display, and Samsung’s approach is more akin to using a book, they both tackle the same problem of carrying around a large display in your pocket. Sony are also developing a flexible OLED display.

Dynamic ECD Display uses 1% Power of traditional LCD

TOKYO, Nov 18, 2008: A wholly owned subsidiary of Funai Electric Co on Monday announced that it has made a reflective display using dyes that change color when an electric current is passed through them, that, unlike existing reflective LCDs, doesn’t need a backlight.

The company claims their display uses 0.16MW of electricity per square centimeter, which translates back to just 1% of what conventional LCDs need. Reportedly, clarity can still be compared to that of characters printed on a piece of paper. The display uses dyes changing color when exposed to an electric current.

Funai even says their new display boasts 80% reflectivity, 30% more than reflective LCDs so that images can be seen in sunlight more easily. On top of that, Funai doesn’t use thin-film transistors in the production of the screens, resulting in costs that are two-thirds lower than that of existing LCDs.

The company hopes to commercialize the product in 2009 and expects it to first find application in portable handsets and remote controls for consumer electronic devices. It will initially cultivate demand for 7- to 14-inch displays, with plans to develop larger models in the future.

It ultimately hopes to make the device an alternative to the LCDs currently used in mobile phones and e-books.

Next Gen eReaders Arrive

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Amazon’s Kindle was fun. Now it’s time for electronic readers to get to work.

On Monday, Netherlands-based iRex Technologies is slated to unveil the iRex Reader 1000, the first in a wave of e-reader devices that promise bigger screens and improved interfaces and functionality. And unlike Kindle or Sony’s Reader, this second generation of e-readers aims to bring innovative E-ink display technology to the more demanding, and possibly more lucrative, world of business.

The iRex Reader 1000 offers a 10.2-inch diagonal E-Inkscreen, far larger than Kindle’s 6-inch screen or even iRex’s own 8.1-inch diagonal iLiad, its last e-book model. That stretched display is designed to work with any file format, be it an e-book, a full-sized PDF, a Word document or HTML. Like earlier iRex devices, it sports a stylus and touch screen for taking notes and marking documents.

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Plus Sony Launching reader refresh next month

Readius flexible e-ink eBook Reader / Mobile

Entry from Readius homepage

The world’s first pocket eReader, Readius® exploits the versatility of rollable displays to merge the ‘reading friendly’ strengths of eBook readers with pocket size form factor and world wide connectivity.

With a display larger than the device itself, and designed around ‘ease of use’ and mobility, Readius® is optimised for reading for 30 hours without battery charge.

The 3.5G HSDPA tri-band connection allows worldwide high speed instant updates from personally selected news sources, special services and email. The Micro SD High Capacity storage ensures easy access to other favorite information and eBooks. Readius® also features audio capabilities (such as MP3) for podcasts, audio books and music.

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