Q: What will you miss when newspapers are gone?

Answer: Nothing!

All that’s really gone is the “paper”, the “news” will still be there, and that’s all that matters… how you get it shouldn’t matter (of course we have plans for that!).

Finally, someone else gets it, and thankfully that someone is Seth Godin (so hopefully a lot of people will listen & take note).

As I mentioned in my Shift Happens post last month, “the newspaper industry appears to have forgotten what they’re really about, which is delivering “News” not newspapers, “paper” is merely the delivery mechanism. The next generation will simply want whatever is most convenient and most up to date, as we say, no paper is the future™. It’s time for publishing houses worldwide to wake up, accept the sea of change, and prepare for it, otherwise those ready to embrace the advantages of the new formats and market space will out pace them. If the old guard don’t step up to the plate, new ePublishing houses will appear on the scene giving the audience what they want.

Will eBooks, replace paper books & newspapers? absolutely… but at the end of the day, does it really matter which format prevails, as long as more people are reading & writing, who cares how it’s delivered, we’ll all be winners!”

There’s more to eBooks than Books!

Here’s an interesting snippet of news, Verizon is looking for eBook Reader partners for it’s Open Development program. This approach would of course take Amazon’s Kindle head on, which is great news for consumers everywhere, but there’s a comment at the end asking can anyone take on Amazon, as they have existing relationships with publishers, but I don’t think that’s a problem.

I don’t see the future of eBook Readers as simply devices that hold numerous published books, that’s a tiny market compared to blogs, news, internal company files & manuscripts. Having a device that can remotely connect and download the latest files off your company servers or collate the news for you from your preferred news networks etc when you’re on the road is a great asset. eBook-Readers will be the mainstay for the business traveler, road warrior or remote technician/support staff, that requires up to date information on a device which batteries won’t run out after only a few hours!

Forget literature & published books, think information, think unpublished content, think business documents, think data retrieval, think user generated content, think open formats, think free content! It’s estimated we read 10 times as much business documentation than we do compared to books for leisure, so Amazon may have relationships with book publishers but there’s a huge untapped market out there waiting to be accessed!