Converting an iPad into a Paperless NotePad

In October last year e-Fun showed off their aPen A5 an iPad digitiser that converts the iPad into what looks like a very useable and convenient notepad… although I was somewhat surprised (suspicious) to see them using Byzero’s Studio Basic + iPad app, after all they must be a competitor? or are they using the same tech?

ByZero’s Studio i Pen looks a bit more up-market and has a sleeker looking design, but it’s $149, while the aPen A5 is expected to hit the market at $89-$99. Details on both pens are as rare as hen’s teeth and trying to track down a way to purchase Byzero’s Studio i Pen is almost impossible! (Amazon’s the only place according to Google)

So as expected with CES underway e-Fun are showing off the aPen A5 and surprise surprise they’re using the same artwork and marketing images as Studio i Pen? So it’s pretty obvious that theses are exactly the same products. So if you want to save yourself $60 grab the eFun aPen A5. Plus unlike the A1, A2, A3 & A4 models, the A5 doesn’t need a pad of paper to work, you write directly on the iPad screen.

e-Fun aPen A5