No more newspapers, it’s the law!

OK not exactly, but hey we’re talking newspapers here, and they’re not exactly know for their restraint with sensationalised headlines! Anyway, here’s an interesting link I just picked up on Jeff Jarvis’s blog.

In essence using newspapers to post “Legal Notices” should now be a last resort not the default, as the circulation is deemed too small, or not covering enough of the population to be effective!

In a unanimous decision published Tuesday on the court’s Web site, Associate Justice William Clifford wrote that the practice of putting lawsuit notification in a newspaper began “when newspapers were the only means of print mass communication, and when newspapers were more widely and intensely read than is now the case … Because service by publication has become less likely to achieve actual notice of a lawsuit, it is also less likely to meet the requirements of due process.”

“We are forced to conclude that service by publication was not reasonably calculated to notify the defendant of the action and, although technically compliant with the rules, did not meet the requirements of due process.”

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